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By Layla Revis Her specialties include international affairs, tourism and multicultural marketing. Location-based services like Foursquare are here to stay, that much is true. For some, however, local deals and specials only go so far. The following list includes five geo-location apps for romance-seekers on the go. The network has been heralded as a great way to meet new people, find a date or connect with locals while traveling. MeetMoi More of a small startup compared to its Match. The service slowly carved out an industry presence by offering its network for free. By connecting to Facebook and Twitter , the app lets you see, in real time, how to connect with those physically around you. Each time you check in to a location, Sonar checks whether other users are nearby.

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Jen Kirsch content continues below ad Photo Credit: As soon as I met him, there was an obvious and immediate chemistry. Why would I have a first date meet me while out with my friends?

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By Adam Popescu Think a social LinkedIn check-in that helps you literally find nearby professionals. So now you can network wherever you go. The free iPhone app [iTunes link] shows you nearby people based on their work and interest. Think how valuable this could be when you’re at a networking event and don’t have a clue who the people are around you. Last week, Dom Vanarburg, the founder of social share giant AddThis , which boasts 1.

That’s because it’s an app that basically gamefiies the dating experience. Barely seven months old, roughly 20 million people have caught Tinderitis and been successfully matched. Here’s how it works: Users cycle through photos of potential partners.

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But did you know that Brazil has a bigger and better selection of movies on Netflix than even the US? While American Netflix is the clear winner when it comes to the hottest TV shows, Brazilian Netflix takes the crown when it comes to movies. The US catalog of movies is actually shrinking because the company wants to divert more of its budget away from movie distribution rights to acquiring newer TV shows and original content.

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In recent years Sketch has grown rapidly with tons of plugins and free tutorials to help beginners move into this alternative UI design software. It covers all the major elements for iPhone and iPad apps with free kits for most design software. This kit features a lot of the main application pages but also uses styles from the material design library.

Blog Kit Free blogging platforms like Medium have changed the face of writing on the web. It mimics an iOS application for a local coffee shop with over 50 screens covering the shop menu, checkout, and product pages among many others. The coolest thing about this freebie is the ease of use. You can take this design and customize it however you want to create any type of mobile eCommerce interface.

Each element is a scalable vector and the text is all based on free Google Webfonts. The interface kit comes with a handful of screens showcasing a social marketing application. This is totally free to download in both AI and Sketch format. Each element perfectly matches with the Bootstrap 3 kit, and it uses Glyphicons, just like Bootstrap. It comes with a dozen mobile app screens of map interfaces and search features for finding directions on a phone.

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And, within a couple of years, geolocation capabilities will simply be baked into our everyday on-the-go lives. From Silicon Valley and elsewhere, startups have emerged with powerful, useful geolocation capabilities central to their business model. Every week, it seems, I hear about a new startup doing something interesting with geolocation. So what are the new breed of startups using location information in interesting, new ways? I could use your help in thinking about how to group these startups.

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Because VPNs tend to result in a slight slowdown in browsing speed, many users will want to limit which apps route traffic over a VPN and which connect directly to the internet.

Clover Clover Clover dating app offers fast way to meet new people based on your location, Clover App finds the nearest people around you to create the perfect match. Which is a significant advantage when you want to make quick dates. The new dating app for smartphones is called Clover and overall exactly works the same way as Tinder, that is to say by betting everything on geolocation and rapid application and practical. Where Clover tries to stand out is by offering users to save certain profiles to keep them for later.

Clover App a New dating Experience: A new dating site that also uses your location to make matches. The newcomer hopes to win against its competitors like Tinder, already leader on the network. To stand out, Clover brings some innovations. The latest addition to the family wants his piece of cake! The new application for location based meetings just arrived on the market with more features.

These innovative applications allow for meetings thanks to the GPS in your phone.

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Installing the VPN on Windows is as easy as downloading an executable file and proceeding through the installation prompts. After that, however, the program was up and running in seconds. Ubuntu users simply download and install the Debian file through the user account area and pass their activation code to the terminal program. Here are some of the functionalities that make ExpressVPN stand out against the competition. One ExpressVPN subscription can be used simultaneously on three devices, including virtual machines and routers.

Server Locations ExpressVPN has provisioned a sizable server network which features over 1, servers in 94 countries throughout the world. Its server information page offers users comprehensive information on exactly which protocols each server can handle and — in many cases — which cities the machines are set up in. Geographically, ExpressVPN offers a pretty wide-spread across and within continents.

There are seven servers located in the UK and over 25 in the US — the latter important, of course, for accessing Netflix. Bandwidth ExpressVPN offers unlimited bandwidth on all its connections. Because using a VPN involves creating an encrypted tunnel between your connection point and the internet, using a bandwidth-free VPN is also a pretty clever way of working around any bandwidth restrictions that your Internet Service Provider ISP has levied on your connection. However not all VPN providers allow such traffic on their servers.

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On June 18, , Grindr announced that it had officially hit 4 million users in countries across the globe. In April , Grindr announced that About. Additionally, both Grindr and Blendr were selected as Official Honorees of the Webby Awards for award-winning work in the Social handheld devices category. In August , Grindr released an updated version of the app which requires users to create an account.

Grindr says this was done to reduce spam and improve portability. This new version also adds iPhone 5 screen support, so users on newer iOS devices such as the iPhone 5 no longer see black bars along the top and bottom of the screen when using the app.

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Internet freedom declined dramatically in after the government blocked dozens of critical news sites and cracked down on encryption and circumvention tools. Amid geopolitical tensions, human rights abuses, and economic discontent, the Egyptian government made several unprecedented moves to control the internet in the past year. After a diplomatic crisis between several Middle Eastern countries and Qatar, Egypt blocked 21 news sites for allegedly promoting terrorism, including the website of al-Jazeera, a Qatari-owned television network banned in Egypt over its editorial support for the ousted and now outlawed Muslim Brotherhood.

Several others have been arrested or sentenced for allegedly administering Facebook pages that poked fun at government officials or expressed legitimate opposition to their policies. In addition to a problematic cybercrime bill currently under review, parliamentarians have suggested forcing social media users to register with the government and pay a monthly fee in order to facilitate state surveillance. Leaked documents indicate certain government agencies possess sophisticated surveillance equipment.

At the same time, progovernment hackers adopt relatively low-tech means to spy on prominent activists. Individuals from seven prominent nongovernmental organizations were subject to an extensive phishing campaign targeting their personal and professional accounts between November and January Freedom on the Net Score: Although the mobile market is more diverse, VoIP services continue to be restricted over mobile broadband networks.

Availability and Ease of Access According to the International Telecommunication Union ITU , internet penetration stood at 39 percent at the end of , up from 25 percent five years ago. Even when they are, the phone infrastructure, based on antiquated underground copper lines, frequently does not allow for speeds above 1 Mbps.

Someone scraped 40,000 Tinder selfies to make a facial dataset for AI experiments

Blog Feeld Discover Feeld dating site, an interesting application of dating. Feeld app helps you to find partners and to meet new people, but this application Feeld is more direct and aims to have an appointment. It is possible that you know the app under the old name 3nder. You will find your other half and even discover your sexuality, exploring with other couples or others. There are no rules in this application.

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Generally, we need to track location of a person if any unknown person is teasing or threatening us. Sometimes, our friends or known people lie to meet us and make excuses. Have you also find yourself in such kind of problematic situations when you are in a severe need to track geolocation of a person?

Also, this method has been used by lots of people successfully. Be friend with the person who you want to track on Facebook. Now, open any browser and start chatting with that person on Facebook. Make sure, you have only single browser and its single tab is open where you are chatting. Also, if you can, check if any of your background apps are using internet connection for updates, terminate those processes by using Task Manager.

Now, follow these steps: Now, command prompt has opened.